Damage To Rental Property By Tenant Nsw

Damage To Rental Property By Tenant Nsw. The tenant must have written permission from the landlord including agreement on reimbursement from the landlord unless the repair is an urgent repair. If tenants put a hole in the wall its damage.

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Unfortunately most landlords wind up with at least one bad tenant during the course of their career. Damage is normally associated with malicious circumstances and not normally connected with good tenants yet even the best tenant can cause accidental damage to a property. However the tenant is not responsible for fair wear and tear.

If damage to the rental property doesnt exceed the security deposit theres no reason to take a tenant to court.

However if they later want to claim compensation from you for that damage they must try to limit the cost of any repair or replacement. A car crashes into the premises. That means that any damage done to the unit is a matter of concern to both parties. Even when repairs are not completed a tenant should neverstop paying the rent.